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Niner RIP 9 RDO 2-Star NX Eagle 29
The RIP 9 takes its place as the king of the mountain and Niner's most capable trail bike. A product of their [R]Evolution design, the RIP takes a fresh outlook on what a long travel trail bike can and should do. It's the go-to for backcountry epics and big terrain when you need every arrow in the quiver. Built with 150mm of remarkably versatile CVA suspension on a lightweight frame, the RIP gives you all the traction, control, and fun that used to be the domain of big, all mountain crushers, but without the extra pounds. Focusing first on the frame, the critical feature is the [R]Evolution geometry that Niner tested, evaluated and carefully selected. The roomy cockpit has a comfortable reach for short stem lengths, giving you quick handling and plenty of maneuverability to go mobbing through rock gardens and barreling big berms. The steep seat angle gets you centered in the bike and pairs nicely with the short 439mm chainstay length for better pedaling efficiency than anyone deserves from a long legged trail bike. And of course the compact rear allows you to square off turns and play your way down the trail. The frame’s boost spacing increases wheel stiffness and adds compatibility with 29-inch or 27.5-inch plus tires. Dropper post setup is a breeze with internal or external routing options, and the bottom bracket features ISCG 05 mounts for running a chain guide. With the benefits of a full carbon frame, loads of plush travel, and a geometry optimized for modern trail riding, the RIP 9 handles everything you throw at it. - SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain - Niner Alloy wheels - KS LEV Si dropper post
Niner RLT 9 Steel 4-Star Ultegra
While other frame materials fall in and out of favor, steel stands the test of time. Finely constructed steel frames, crafted and welded by the best builders, have continued to be the benchmark other materials measure themselves against. The RLT 9 is built with supple, trustworthy Reynolds 853 steel, producing a flawless synthesis of form and function in a frame that makes every ride open for adventure. When designing the RLT 9, Niner considered each detail with convenience and compatibility in mind. The frame utilizes thru-axle technology and flat-mount disc brakes for superior handling and speed control. It'll take a single, double, or triple chainring to conquer any and all terrain, and the PF30 bottom bracket allows the use of Niner's Biocentric bottom bracket for single-speed setups. There are 3 water bottle mounts on every size, as well as mounts for fenders and a rear rack. The bike features a buttery-smooth custom gravel-tuned Niner carbon fork, with mid-blade mounts for optional accessories. The Niner RLT9 is where performance, durability, and ride quality meet. From mounting panniers and racks for camping to traveling the gravel road that curves out of sight, the RLT 9 is more than capable for the open road. - Shimano Ultegra drivetrain - Stan's Grail S1 wheels - Niner carbon seatpost
Niner RLT 9 4-Star Ultegra
Niner's people are big fans of the road less traveled. Making independent choices is how they were founded and it's how they approach the future. It is with this philosophy that they created the RLT 9. Is it a 29er? A monster-cross machine? A gravel grinder? The answer is yes. Whether you ride drop bars or flats, skinny tires or something a bit more rotund, the RLT 9 is meant for you. The RLT 9 Aluminum is constructed of hydroformed alloy, resulting in a frame that is light, efficient, and beautiful. This is paired with a custom gravel-tuned Niner carbon fork with rack mid mounts that seriously up its cargo carrying capacity. The frame features slightly longer chainstays, a lower bottom bracket, and a slacker headtube angle. This creates the ideal geometry for a stable ride on the rockiest of roads, while still capable of winning a proper cross race. The RLT 9 utilizes modern standards—thru axles, flat-mount disc brakes, and a tapered headtube—that yield improved handling, speed control, and wheel stiffness. It's got internal shifter routings ports that are Di2 ready, offers single-speed compatibility with a Biocentric bottom bracket, and has plenty of mounting points for fenders and a rear rack. With room for up to 1.75-inch tires, there are few adventures the RLT 9 isn't ready for. - Shimano Ultegra drivetrain - Shimano Ultegra hydraulic brakes - Niner carbon seatpost
Niner JET 9 Alloy 2-Star NX Eagle
The JET 9 anchors the [R]Evolution of Niner’s trail bikes. Knowing that technologies and rider expectations have changed over the years, they’ve put a lot of time, energy, and research into creating the most versatile and fun-to-ride full suspension mountain bike money can buy. The JET alloy complete bike is a great daily driver with the durability and handling that will have riders grinning every time they hit the trail. Niner is building these with 29-inch wheels and SRAM NX drivetrains to satisfy the demand for a super-efficient, mid-travel trail bike. The JET 9 features boost spacing for optimum power transfer and wheel stiffness, internal or external dropper post routing, and a threaded bottom bracket for ease of maintenance. With Niner’s [R]Evolution geometry at its core as well as 29-inch or 27.5-inch plus compatibility, the JET 9 is a perfect mid-travel trail bike for today's aggressive trail riding.
Niner SIR 9 2-Star NX Eagle 29
Take charge of your ride with this Reynolds 853 Steel frame designed around Niner's [R]evolution trail geometry, which begs the rider to push their limits. Ride it hard. Ride it fast. After all, it's made from a truly time-tested material that's been air hardened and heat treated. The efficient yet compliant ride quality of the SIR 9 harkens back to a simpler time. A time without linkages and complicated shock settings. A time where all the energy you put into the pedals moves you forward. The SIR 9 features a redesigned bottom bracket and chainstay junction—keeping ride quality in mind as well as tire clearance, Niner went to great lengths to design this crucial element. The PF30 Bottom Bracket allows you to run a standard press fit bottom bracket or, if simplicity is your thing, throw in an eccentric bottom bracket and run it singlespeed. Additionally, it has the ability to run 1x, 2x, or 3x systems for a drivetrain to suit every rider and trail. A hidden plate inside the chainstay yoke stiffens and strengthens in order to improve power transfer. For bikepacking aficionados, this frame is extremely versatile. It offers a whopping 18 mounting points, allowing you to run racks and fenders, a top tube Bento box, 3 water bottles, and more, so you can easily pack it in and pack it out. The frame accepts up to a 120mm fork for truly getting rad, and is compatible with 29-inch or 27.5-inch plus tires. - SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain - SRAM LEVEL brakes - Maxxis Minion/Rekon tires
Niner RLT 9 Steel 2 Star
Supple, Trustworthy Reynolds 853 Steel frame Buttery-Smooth Custom Gravel-Tuned Niner Carbon Fork, 15mm thru axle with rack mid mounts Fork mounts: 45lbs weight limit Rear rack: 55lbs weight limit All-Day Adventure Tuned Geometry PF30 Can Go Single or Geared, Pick Your Pleasure Three Bottle Cage Mounts, Sport-Beer Compatible
Niner AIR 9 2-Star NX Eagle 27.5+
Let's face it. The AIR 9, Niner's lightweight aluminum hardtail, has always been capable. So how do you make capable even better? For one thing, you keep the excellent qualities of Niner's tried and true, hydroformed aluminum. Lightweight and snappy, poppy and peppy, the AIR 9 has plenty of stiffness to get you up to speed when you stomp on the pedals. Next, apply their [R]evolution geometry which puts the rider in a balanced position on the bike, and the ride experience goes up, way up. Then, add Boost 148 spacing because tire and wheel options are a good thing. Top it off with internal routing for a dropper post and you've made one capable bike even more capable. Niner's AIR 9 is the perfect blend of cross country quickness mixed with a rowdier attitude. Run it geared, with 1x or 2x compatibility. Or, run it singlespeed, using Niner's Biocentric BB. It's comfortable enough for all-day riding and quick enough to pin it at the races. It's got a tapered headtube for front-end stiffness and accepts up to a 120mm fork. With room for tires up to 29 x 2.4" or 27.5 x 3.0", the AIR 9 handles anything you throw at it. - SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain - Niner alloy wheels - Maxxis Rekon+ tires
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